Pokketmixer is proud to announce that it will be making a musical appearance during Berlin's historical celebration of the 50 years since an American president ever paid visit to the city.

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The techno culture got its roots in the nineties. In these years the techno scene developed and got more and more followers. Especially in Berlin, the fall of the wall engraved the techno culture. After the turn, many old factory buildings were empty and had no clarified ownership. This offered space for new ideas. Particularly for the development of the upcoming music techno.

By the way, the two Ks in POKKETMIXER are no typing errors or just for fun, the two Ks shall remind us of the first series of typical techno-raves in East Berlin called 'Tekknozid'. So Pokket as Tekkno, just to let you know. 'Tekknozid' was very influential for the techno-raves and parties in the 90s. This wasn't comparable to normal discotheques. Hardest techno-beats from House, Industrial, Electronic Body Music, New Beat and Acid acted together with psychedelic light- and effect installations. The borderline between time and space got lost.

One of the most influential techno clubs founded at this time was the TRESOR. TRESOR survived a demolition in May 2005 and reopened two years later. This club is still alive and celebrates techno parties. And the rustic and gloomy atmosphere, fitting to its name which could be translated as a „safe“, is still appealing for techno lovers. TRESOR became one of the oldest club institutions in Berlin.

POKKETMIXER released a limited edition with TRESOR which was immediately sold out. As well, TRESOR had a POKKETMIXER console made, suitable in the original rustic iron design. There are just 2 pieces left that are available on our flagship store in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg. So ask for them next time you're around!

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I HEART SHARKS - Go to the edge of everything you know and imagine what comes next in all colours and volumes. Stand on tiptoes on the brink and spit off the edge, shut your eyes, take a few steps back in the crumbling dirt and sprint into the nothingness ahead. There are no rules, there are no consequences – there is only NOW.


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DJane Meggy is already up to date in things like independant tunesmaking. No matter where Meggy might be now, with the POKKETMIXER she is able to role the plates and give us some good vibes! https://soundcloud.com/djanemeggy

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Is arguing over which tune to play next during a party something that sounds very familiar to you? If yes, a solution may just have been born…

Christian Komm & Robert Thomalla straight out of Berlin have introduced the Pokket DJ Mixer, an electricity and battery free mixing device weighing just 130 grams!

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